Case Study: How Hero MotoCorp’s digital initiatives raised customer delight

As part of its digitization journey, Hero MotoCorp has adopted innovative technological upgrades. With Digital Free Service Coupon (d-FSC), customers need not carry the physical coupons to avail free service of their two-wheelers. The customer can avail the same using mobile app or get it verified using OTP.

As per Vikas Malhotra, Head – Business Solutions & Support of Hero MotoCorp:

We are the first in automotive industry to launch DFSC, where customers need not carry the physical coupons to avail free service of their two-wheelers. The customers can avail the same using customer mobile app or get the same verified using an OTP code.

Loyalty program for technicians:

A loyalty program for technicians, also known as Asli Hero has been launched with the objective to develop an affinity from the mechanics community selling Hero Motocorp products by increasing engagement and recognizing them through a structured process. This involved labeling each part (300 million per year) with unique random code and providing a platform for technicians to validate genuine part and gain points for the same, which can be en-cashed using Loyalty Cash Card.

An electronic catalogue of more than 20K parts has been prepared which can be accessed using any mobile device. This was exposed to all customers, technicians and channel partners. One million spare parts per day are marked with unique number which is being used for checking genuineness of parts and increasing sales of the same by involving technicians for loyalty program. This has helped in increasing their sales volumes.

Benefits gained with the initiative:

According to Hero MotoCorp, the transformative initiatives have created customer satisfaction by improving availability of parts instantly. The workforce-enabled transformation has increased revenue by improving market penetration as well as led to reduction in cost and improvement in accuracy of data.

Our spare parts warehouse which has capacity of shipment of 1.5 million parts per day was fully digitized and there is no paper being used in the process from receipt of material till dispatch. This warehouse is based on concept of goods-to-man, where parts travel to the picker for picking, and the worker has to just pack the same.

Source: Case Study: Hero MotoCorp’s digital initiatives raise customer delight